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We use GPS/RFID technology to create a virtual boundary around a targeted geographic area. After the boundary has been placed we’re able to set up various alerts to mobile devices in that area, even when they are entering or leaving.

Mobile Device Tracking

We utilize Mobile Device Tracking as a way to identify the daily habits of consumers and deliver more relevant brand messaging to them. This is all possible through the use of GPS technology as well as nearby network towers that allow us to determine the location of people’s mobile devices.

Mobile Device Kinetic Motion Detection

Targeting the customer on their mobile device just got more effective. Smartphones are part of our daily routines, whether it’s when we wake up or are finishing up a workout. Through analyzing smartphone accelerometers and gyroscope sensors, we are able to deliver a more appropriate message for brands at the right moment, based on the device's orientation.

Interactive Video

Discover a new way to experience video content. This technology allows the user to identify and click items within any scene. Creating a totally immersive and engaging journey like you’ve never experienced. Users are in control, free to explore and get in depth information on every aspect of the video.

Augmented Reality

Create new live 3D experiences that make the world seem brand new. AR allows us to overlay customizable digital elements and information on top of our existing reality, through the use of a camera or smartphone. The possibilities are endless

Virtual Reality 

Build your own immersive and interactive brand experience through VR technology. Imagine an environment specifically tailored for your brand that makes your customer feel like they are truly there. There’s no longer a need to imagine, your customers can now see it for themselves through VR devices.

Dynamic Ads

Think of Dynamic Ads as an online matching tool that develops advertising content based on your likes and dislikes. Through the use of cookies, tracking information, geographic location and a number of other factors, we can deliver branding messages that are targeted at a specific website visitor. This advertising experience is tailored to individual consumers and can vary by person, as we all have our own specific browsing and search history.

Cross-Device Ad Placements

This allows us to reach consumers with digital ads throughout their entire digital marketing journey, regardless of the device they may be on. This strategy delivers a high frequency and reach because the consumer is exposed to messaging across a number of digital channels throughout their day.

Mobile App Development

Interested in creating a mobile app for iOS or Android? We’ve got you covered from concept to execution. Build your own application and customize how you interact with your customer base and be a part of their every day mobile routine.

Website Development & Management

Let us help you build a robust brand presence online so your customers can find you more easily. We have a team that handles design, development and even management after things are up and running. It’s time to make your brand’s online vision a reality.

OTT & Streaming Video

Compliment your media buy and reach the audience who has cut the cord and bypassed traditional TV. Through over- the-top services and streaming devices (such as Hulu, Sling, Apple TV, etc) we can deliver targeted advertisements to a specific category of programs or even a highly specific demographic. OTT applies to desktop, mobile devices and connected TV.

Video Production

It’s time to achieve more with your video marketing campaigns. Drive brand visibility through a carefully crafted and memorable video campaign. We handle every aspect of the pre/post process and execute the media placement to ensure your message is going through the right channels weather it’s traditional, social or digital.


Are you looking to keep your brand top of mind while pushing people to your business in real time? Look no further. Utilize the highly engaged Waze driver community and reach consumers at crucial decision-making moments. With a hundred million users worldwide, Waze is a part of user’s everyday routine. Let potential customers know they are close to your business while driving in-store traffic. Imagine looking at a navigation app and seeing your business highlighted on the map or being able to deliver a digital billboard through the app.

Predictive Marketing

Predictive marketing is a technique that utilizes data analytics to determine which marketing strategies make the most sense and the actions that have the highest likelihood of succeeding. All data tells a story and can often provide significant insights on the mind of the consumer and what they are planning on doing next. Predictive marketing harnesses this information and directs you in the right direction before the consumer trend happens.

NFC Technology

(Near Field Communication) is a type of contactless technology that allows a user to move a smartphone over another NFC compatible device and quickly send or receive information. It’s super convenient and easy to use. Products like Android Pay or Apple Pay use NFC technology.

RFID Technology

RFID, which stands for Radio frequency identification, uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track certain tagged objects in real time. There are two types of tags: passive and active. Passive tags collect energy from a nearby RFID reader’s radio waves, while active tags have their own battery source and the ability to operate far away from the RFID reader. These tags can be quite useful for data capturing purposes and automatic identification.

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